ELLIE PERLA ... RED, Kalender 2023

Red, the color of love, the lioness of all colors (Monatskalender, 14 Seiten )

This portfolio of RED pieces highlights the luxuriant color and micro-designs that characterize Ellie Perla’s exquisite works, while also hinting at the theme of global diversity the drawings celebrate. A seasoned traveler and photojournalist, Ellie Perla has traversed the world since leaving Communism-era Romania, her observant gaze beholding along the way both the splendor and the urgency of environments and cultures as varied as the Peruvian Amazon and the Bedouins of Egypt. Her drawings interpret these images as seeds of hope, ethereal icons, saturated yet delicate, surrounded by a seemingly inexhaustible stream of otherworldly designs. The effect is heightened by the lattice-like intricacies of Ellie Perla’s polychromatic pencil and ink compositions. Thereby, she creates her own visual lexicon of optimism and peace that is steadily injected with luminosity, love and a dash of humor. Dieser erfolgreiche Kalender wurde dieses Jahr mit gleichen Bildern und aktualisiertem Kalendarium wiederveröffentlicht.


Ellie Perla

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